How much does your work interfere with your life? How often do you work late or through your lunch hour because there’s just too much to do? How long does it take you to switch off from work? An evening? Or a weekend? Or do you need a week’s holiday?

When I first started work I think I had a pretty good balance – I was a junior member of staff, so had few responsibilities and the company flexi-time policy meant if I’d done my hours I could go to the pub on a Friday lunchtime and then take the afternoon off – heaven! My weekends were full of friends and living life to the full – and I came back to work on a Monday needing the week to recover! Skip forward 10 years and I found myself as a manager, working long hours, needing the weekend to relax and recover from the efforts of the working week. By the end of a weeks holiday, I could just about let go of the stresses and forget about work. My “life” – and here I mean my personal life – all the out of work stuff that I really wanted to do – had been sacrificed for the needs of the company. Continue reading

Who Am I?

Who Am I? A big question that I’m not planning on pondering too deeply here! This post is to introduce me and what my interests are so you can decide whether you want to listen to what I have to say!

I’m an active, enthusiastic and empathetic person who loves learning and creating. I love talking to people, understanding what makes them tick and helping them figure it out for themselves. Some of the main areas that really motivate me (that I’ll be blogging about) are Innovation, Teams, Development and Adventure (not necessarily in that order). There’s an interesting space where these overlap… and that’s where I sit!

For those of you interested what my spin is on each of these – here goes: Continue reading

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How to overcome procrastination?


Do you find yourself putting off or never quite getting round to some tasks for ages? These things weigh on your mind as something you need to get to, but there’s always something more urgent to sort, or you’re not quite in the right frame of mind to tackle it? Then, when you finally get to the task, and complete it, you feel this beautiful sense of relief and lightness – and wonder what all the fuss was about!

This blog is a great example of that for me. As I mentioned in my last post I set my website up and created all the infrastructure so I could get going 4 years ago, published a couple of posts…. and then nothing!  The longer I left it the harder it was to go back to it – the bigger the blocker. In fact I earlier this year I refused to look at my website because I felt so guilty about not keeping it updated or adding anything to it. So what’s changed? What got me moving?

Continue reading

30 Day Blog Challenge

It’s over 4 years since I posted anything here. I got my website all set up, my blog ready to go, loads of great ideas and so what happened?

I could give loads of reasons – the biggest being the day job getting busy (more about that later I’m sure), but the real reason was that I got scared and didn’t make the time to overcome that fear. Scared of what? Well ultimately I think boils down to fear of failure – people not liking what I write and what I do, looking for the perfect thing to blog about and putting too much pressure on in the meantime. There’s also a fear of success in there too – it may sound silly to some – but there’s that question of what happens if too many people like what I do and I get too much interest than I can deal with and I can’t deliver on my promises.

As with any fears – it’s really interesting seeing them written down on a page. Despite the fact that I journal, I don’t think I’ve written these down for myself – and just doing it now has made these fears much smaller, with the realisation that I have the ability to overcome all of these things.

About a month ago I decided that I really did need to take these fears in hand and take some action. Just get blogging… and still nothing! I just couldn’t quite get motivated to make that first post – couldn’t figure out what to write.

I realised I need some help, some structure and guidance on how to get my message out there (so that people read this thing and it’s not just a journal alternative that people find if they are lucky). So after a bit of digging around on courses, I’ve signed up to the 30-day blog challenge.

I’m really hoping for motivation and inspiration – and that it creates a some interesting content for readers follow over the next month, hopefully creating a habit for the years to come!