30 Day Blog Challenge

It’s over 4 years since I posted anything here. I got my website all set up, my blog ready to go, loads of great ideas and so what happened?

I could give loads of reasons – the biggest being the day job getting busy (more about that later I’m sure), but the real reason was that I got scared and didn’t make the time to overcome that fear. Scared of what? Well ultimately I think boils down to fear of failure – people not liking what I write and what I do, looking for the perfect thing to blog about and putting too much pressure on in the meantime. There’s also a fear of success in there too – it may sound silly to some – but there’s that question of what happens if too many people like what I do and I get too much interest than I can deal with and I can’t deliver on my promises.

As with any fears – it’s really interesting seeing them written down on a page. Despite the fact that I journal, I don’t think I’ve written these down for myself – and just doing it now has made these fears much smaller, with the realisation that I have the ability to overcome all of these things.

About a month ago I decided that I really did need to take these fears in hand and take some action. Just get blogging… and still nothing! I just couldn’t quite get motivated to make that first post – couldn’t figure out what to write.

I realised I need some help, some structure and guidance on how to get my message out there (so that people read this thing and it’s not just a journal alternative that people find if they are lucky). So after a bit of digging around¬†on courses, I’ve signed up to the 30-day blog challenge.

I’m really hoping for motivation and inspiration – and that it creates a some interesting content for readers follow over the next month, hopefully creating a habit for the years to come!