“Two major areas of interest in my life are technology and people and how these come together to create business and innovation.” 

Emma ImageAt a young age I wanted to understand how things work so I was drawn to science and maths. I ended up studying Maths at the University of Cambridge. I saw it as an underpinning language of science that helped explain how the world fitted together.  My career began by applying my mathematical skills for an innovative engineering company, Roke Manor Research Ltd, developing software for modeling sound waves and extracting information from video.

As I developed I started to realize that I loved working with people – and that by listening to them and understanding their language I could help them to figure out how to solve problems, even when I had no idea what the answer might be myself. By listening and trying to understand their problem, I actually helped them understand the problem better themselves, identify their ideal solution, and what actions they needed to take to get there – in some ways helping them to understand how they work!  Furthermore, I found that by working with teams and encouraging them to listen and improve their communication with one another, suddenly barriers were broken down, new relationships formed and innovative concepts created. These skills meant that I was very quickly promoted to manage a large group of technical people, as well as working with customers to develop new business.

I formalised these people development skills when I discovered coaching. Through  The Coaching Academy I gained distinctions in three coaching diplomas – Personal Performance Coaching, Corporate and Executive Coaching and Small Business Coaching as well as gaining accreditation as a Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner. This has given me a deep and varied understanding of different coaching techniques and skills applied to a range of areas. In parallel I gained my Chartered Engineer from the Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET).

“I like to understand how things work and then build on that understanding to figure out how to make things work better.”

Through my work I developed a deeper understanding of how technical businesses work, the challenges associated with commercialising and making money from new technology and the process needed to get innovative new ideas to market. I now combine my people, technical and business skills together to help commercialise new concepts and inventions developed at the University of York – creating new businesses and facilitating relationships between academics and industry to connect business to underpinning and novel research.

In parallel I provide coaching, facilitation and training services to individuals and companies, with clients typically working in technically focused areas. I am based in York and a registered coach on the Yorkshire and Humber Growth Accelerator programme. I deliver these services in person or over the phone – depending on what works best for you and/or your company.

In my “spare time” I love to have fun and adventures – and really push to live my life to the full. Many of the pictures on this website were taken during my recent challenges – such as the Welsh 3000s in Snowdonia and scrambling on the Cullin Ridge in Skye. I  post blogs about these too – to show that its not all about work – balance is so important.