Lead With Authenticity

Are you pretending to be someone you’re not? 

Are you nervous that people won’t accept the real you? 

Let me help you develop the confidence and resilience you need to show up every day as you. 

Are you fed up of showing up at work as someone else? Hiding behind a persona to fit in?

Is there an element of you that you keep hidden from your team, scared that if they know about it they won’t accept you and they will treat you differently?

Do you realise how much of a toll this is taking on you? It may start as something small, but over time it builds up and it drains your energy, making you less creative and intuitive, affecting your performance and your ability to shine.

When we show up in life with authenticity, we take on a different persona. The people we engage with see this and are drawn to us in new ways. When we’re proud of who we are, believing in ourselves and feeling like we can deal with anything life throws at us, we lead in a completely different way.

We are less controlling, more open, more innovative and more creative. Things just seem to flow, and we are less attached to making things happen.

This is the purpose of my Authentic Tech Leaders programme. It is a personalised 12-week programme, tailored to your needs which will encourage you to:

  • identify your mission and understand what’s really important to you
  • create better balance in your life, making space for you to be more connected to your own needs
  • see the power of letting go of control and going with the flow and realise you can deal with anything life throws at you
  • unpick some of the beliefs you hold about yourself, and see what is really uncover what is really stopping you from moving forward as a leader.

Underpinning the programme are the themes of self-belief, resilience and balance, key elements which allow us to step into our authentic selves.

For £850 you will receive 6 one-hour sessions of one-to-one online coaching, spread over 12 weeks, supplemented with additional resources to explore between sessions such as reading material, podcasts and video which will deepen your understanding of the areas we cover.

The programme is a natural follow on from the Career Hack session, which will have introduced you to some of the underlying principles behind the programme.

Emma has a way of asking insightful questions that challenge me to be realistic about my plans and yet her questions also help me decide what steps are necessary to achieve them. Emma's coaching has enabled me to almost effortlessly overcome what appeared to be huge challenges. She has helped to make a complicated and demanding time in my life enjoyable and I really appreciate her support.
Tomasin Magwood
Thanks to Emma's coaching I realised that some of the goals I initially had weren't as important as others, which gave me the clarity to change my focus. Her coaching provided me with focus where I did not think I needed it, and to concentrate less on some issues I was focusing on too much.
Kazlina Burroughs