Authentic Tech Leaders Mentorship Programme

Tap into the resilience you need to speak up and be you, so that you can make your difference in the world of tech. 

A 10-week programme of online training and group coaching. 

Doors are now closed for the programme. The next cohort is planned to start in September 2021. To receive an update when the doors re-open, please sign-up here. 

Do you want to be a leader who makes a Positive difference?

The Authentic Tech Leaders Mentorship programme is for you if:  

  • you want to have more impact in your day to day work. 
  • you have ideas that could make a difference to the world of tech, but struggle to be heard. 
  • you are tired of adapting who you are so people will listen to you.
  • you find yourself torn between fitting in and staying true to yourself. 

In this 10 week programme I will help you connect more deeply with who you are, what’s important to you and share an understanding of state of mind which will give you the resilience to lead from your heart and soul to make your difference in the world. 

Hi, I’m Emma, 

I’ve worked in tech for the last 20 years, mostly at the forefront of new tech development and supporting the adoption of innovative new ideas into the industry. 

Having seen how the tech world is evolving, and the huge potential it has to impact on our lives, I think it’s more important than ever before that this tech is developed by people with a diverse set of perspectives. 

Technology has the potential to change our lives for the better, but to do so, it needs leaders who are coming from a place of authenticity and resilience to influence its development and how it is applied. It needs a diverse group of leaders who are true to themselves and able to represent and listen to different perspectives so that they make decisions which serve us all. 

But when you’re in the minority in an industry it can be hard to speak out and be heard. 

I know – I’ve been there. While the number of women in the tech industry is slowly growing, the diversity of perspectives is lagging behind. When you’re busy and overworked it’s hard to find the energy to speak out and stand up for what you believe in. It’s much easier to fit in. 

But it doesn’t have to be this way. 

Over the last few years I’ve been introduced to an understanding of our psychology that has given me new insight around stress and overwhelm, as well as connecting me with a deeper resilience and self-belief that has given me the strength to tune in to what’s important to me, speak out more, and make the leap into setting up a business. It’s also helped me see that I can do all this in a fun, playful and enjoyable way.

This is the motivation for this mentorship programme: 

  • It’s about helping the future leaders of the tech industry tune into what’s important and find the resilience to speak out, so that they can influence the development of tech to the benefit of us all. 
  • It’s about sharing with you the understanding that has helped me to find my voice, and take a leap into the unknown, knowing I can make a difference. 
  • It’s about helping you find your path, and to know that you are resilient enough to follow it too.
  • And it’s about having some fun, being playful and finding our balance along the way. 
Join me and a small community of others to explore the impact this can have on your approach to life. 

This 10 week programme will...

  • help you reconnect with who you are, what you stand for and the difference you can make in the world
  • give you the space to explore what leadership means to you, and develop your own leadership style
  • help you find your innate resilience, so you are better able to cope with whatever life throws at you
  • introduce you to a new and simple understanding of state of mind which will have a revolutionary impact on your life
  • do all of this and feel less stressed and overwhelmed and more playful and adventurous.  

If you’re interested and think you might want to join a future round, sign up here to be kept updated.

"The programme really helped me clarify what is most important to me, enabling me to say no to much more and clear my lists of things that are not leading me in the direction I know I want to go."
Tanya Widen
Senior Fraud and Security Engineer, Bulb
"This course has been an eye-opener for me. I'm less embarrassed of being myself, being fairly technical, being the only woman in board meetings, etc... and through the process I've discovered I can be a mentor to many women looking at technical roles. It's been fantastic."
Priya Samuel
VP Engineering, Dotscience
The programme helped me make some pretty important life decisions! Particularly the 1-1s. I couldn't be more thankful for having that face time with someone during this crucial time.
Kyra Hills
Senior Environment Artist, Bonsai Games

Do you have ideas you want to get into the tech world, if only “they” would listen?

Do you find you have to be someone you’re not in order to be heard?

Have you ever thought about how much of a toll this is taking on you? It may start as something small, but over time, continuously having to prove yourself to be someone you are not, builds up and drains your energy. It makes you less creative and intuitive, affects your performance and your ability to shine.

When we show up in life with authenticity, we take on a different persona. The people we engage with see this and are drawn to us in new ways. 

When we’re proud of who we are, believe in ourselves and feel like we can deal with anything life throws at us, we lead differently.

We are less controlling, more open, more innovative and more creative.

Things just seem to flow, we are less attached to making things happen, and we have more impact.

This is what’s inspired me to set up my Authentic Tech Leaders mentorship programme. 

It’s a 10-week programme designed to deepen your understanding of yourself, what’s important to you and to build the confidence and resilience you need to take your message out into the world.

It is also a community of others also facing similar challenges. It’s a place where you can show up, be authentic and fit in, giving you a new energy to take your authentic self into the world.

And it doesn’t end after 10 weeks!

You will retain access for the lifetime of the group. So you can re-do it as many times as you want, and connect with new cohorts as they join.

Would you like to be one of the participants to joining as the third cohort for this programme, kicking off in September 2021?

Sign up to receive updates here. 

Here's what People are saying about the programme

"Since finishing the programme, I've learnt a ton of ways to better manage my time, take the pressure off myself and as a result be more productive but also more content! I'm really grateful to have met so many accomplished people and see everyone's different approaches to the programme content too."
Sally Blake
CEO, Silent Games
"As a result of the programme I'm more mindful to how I'm allocating my time, more able to identify when I need to take time for myself and I am definitely more confident in myself."
Julie Osborne
Head of Customer Security Services, Vodaphone Business
"The programme has helped me begin to view each situation as a passing moment. When I'm in it, it doesn't feel as severe as it used to. It also gives me guidance when I feel stuck."
Bekka Shadoan
Director of Technology, k-12 Private International School, Phnom Penh

The Programme

This mentorship programme is designed for those who are in, or ready to step into, a position of leadership in the tech world, and who want to do this in a way which is truly authentic to them.

  • It will take place in a small, dedicated, private Facebook community, where you will be able to connect and share your learnings with others as you go through your journey.
  • Over the course of 10 weeks, I will share content and ideas around eight themes for you to take into your work and life to test, observe and explore. There will be 8 units of content, focusing on one per week with a break at week 5 (allowing you to take a break, catch up, or to explore some bonus content) and a week for reflection at the end. 
  • Most of the content is delivered through short (10 minute), daily videos and text. This material is already uploaded to the group, allowing you to access it whenever you want (before and after), not just during the week when it is the main focus. 
  • Underpinning this content is an understanding of your state of mind and the impact it has on how you experience life. I will introduce you to this understanding by weaving it through the weeks, allowing us to explore it from multiple perspectives.
  • This understanding won’t come just through my teaching, you will need to go and test it out for yourself. As you do you’ll get moments of insight, and your understanding will deepen. This is the basis for the structure of the course.
  • The programme includes three 30 minutes one-to-one coaching sessions with me – one at the beginning, middle and end of the programme – allowing me to provide personal support and point you towards material to support whatever challenges you are going through right now.
  • I will be active in the group, to answer questions and guide you, and throughout the 10 weeks, I will host a weekly online group coaching call, allowing you to ask questions, share your insights, and hear those of others. 
  • Those who are part of the programme will also receive 20% discount when booking any further coaching sessions with me.
  • You will receive access to the community, the content and group coaching for the lifetime of the community, meaning there is no pressure to “do” everything in these 8 weeks – if you get busy you can come back to it when it suits you.

The next cohort will join In September 2021. 

The themes

The programme is broken down into 8 units, each focused around a specific theme. 

Each week of the programme is focused on exploring a particular unit, with a break week built into the middle to step back, reflect, and where necessary, catch up. 

While the themes build on each other, there is limited dependency between them, meaning that you can work through a particular unit at any time and, if you find yourself unable to cover all the material in one week, you can move on and come back to it. 

Unit 1 - Know Your Mission

We start with you. What’s important to you? What do you believe in? What are you passionate about? What difference do you want to see in the world?

Knowing who you are and what you believe in gives you the foundation to turn up authentically, be consistent and be you.

Unit 2 - Create Time For The Important Stuff

Most of us are just too busy to fit anything more into our lives, but we often don’t question what we’re doing deeply enough.

This week is all about taking a look at our commitments and figuring out what we want to keep doing and what we could do less of.

Unit 3 - Put Yourself First

It’s so easy to put others’ needs ahead of our own, especially if we tend to get drawn towards people-pleasing.

For this week we will experiment with putting your needs first, practising self-care and seeing the impact.

Unit 4 - Understanding State Of Mind

The first 3 weeks are focused on you – helping you to get to know yourself better, understanding where you are and what you want to create a foundation on which to build. 

In week 4 we will bring this together by sharing how your mind works, how it influences the way show up in work and life.

Unit 5 - You As An Authentic Leader

This week we’re focusing in on what it means to be a leader, and how ensure we remain authentic.

Over the course of the week we’ll develop our mission into a vision and start to explore how you can communicate this to others. 

Unit 6 - Connect With Others

You can’t be a leader without having followers. For people to follow you need to have influence. To have authentic influence you need to connect. 

This week is focused on building connections with others, and how you can use those connections to research your vision.

Unit 7 - See Your Innate Resilience

Life can be tough. Others may disagree with how we think the world should work and what will make a difference.

Things will go wrong, there will be obstacles. This is part of life.

What helps us at these times is knowing that we are resilient. Tuning into that resilience is the theme of the week.

Unit 8 - Get In The Flow

We’re all part of nature, and have the energy of life flowing through us. That energy is powerful. It guides us and nudges us. When we stay centred and open, things have a tendency to work out.

In the final week, we will consciously step back from pushing to achieve and follow the flow and be open to see what happens!

If these themes resonate with you and you’re ready to dive into the training to explore them in more detail, click the button to make sure you know when the details of the next round are announced.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does all of this fit with my current role or job?

It’s too easy get caught up in the delivery what we think our role is, but roles can have many different interpretations and perspectives. If someone else was doing your role I’m sure they would do it differently – so there is a different way! 

This programme will give you the opportunity to step back and take a look at what’s important to you, and then look at your job from a new perspective. In particular it will encourage you to look at how you can use the role as an opportunity to achieve your mission, and give you the tools to have conversations about how you can shift your job to do more of what’s important to you. 

You’ll come away from the programme with a better understanding of the different ways your role could evolve and decide which works best for you. 

What if I don't want to be on Facebook - can I still take part?

You can still take part, but your access to the community will be more limited. 

I know some people prefer not to use Facebook for work, or just prefer not to have an account altogether, but Facebook is great for growing and connecting communities, that’s why I’ve chosen it as the main platform for this programme. 

However, for the second round, I’ve made some updates to the programme so there is less dependency on you being part of it: 

  • you can choose to receive the training content delivered to your inbox (with videos accessed via youtube). 
  • all group and one-to-one calls are delivered via zoom. 

The Facebook group will still provide the environment to connect and get to know the other members and to share learning for now. 

If you have other questions or suggestions about the implications of this, please feel free to contact me or set up a call to discuss. 

I'm not sure I can consistently find the time over the 10 weeks - should I wait until I can?

Only you can decide if this is the right time for you to do this. 

Having said that, if you’re waiting for a clear 8 weeks when you can focus on a programme like this, it’s unlikely it will ever come. 

I know you’re busy, I know you’re overwhelmed. I know you have pressure from all over the place, not just your job. That’s why Week 2 of the programme is specifically focused on creating time for the important stuff. Sometimes we need a bit of help or a new perspective to make the time. 

On top of that, the understanding I share in this programme will help you find the time, not just in week 2 – it permeates the whole programme. 

And, most importantly, there really is no pressure to complete it all in the 8 weeks. While some of the learning builds on on top of earlier learnings as the programme goes on, if you do it out of order it doesn’t matter. And you’ll have access to the content to repeat for the lifetime of the group – so you can always come back to the bits you miss, either on your own or with the next cohort. 

Being completely honest – you’ll get the most learning out of this programme if you have got things going on in the background – because it will mean you have real things to go out there and apply it to. This training isn’t theoretical. The more you can apply it to the tough situations, the more insight you will get and the more you will learn. 

The main question to ask yourself now is if this is something that you would like to do? If the answer is yes, then if not now, then when? 

What's this understanding you keep going on about?

The understanding that underpins this programme was first shared by a Scottish welder named Sydney Banks. It is a simple description of how our minds work and how we experience the world. 

It is has been referred to as the inside out understanding, the three principles, and health realisation amongst other things. You may recognise elements of mindfulness, of neurolinguistic programming, and cognitive based therapy alongside other treatments and approaches that are out there. 

I’ve explored many of these alternative approaches and have found them useful. The thing I find most useful about this understanding is that it’s not trying to “be” anything except a simple description of how our minds work. It doesn’t say what to do – that interpretation is up to you. What it continuously does is point you to look towards what is true, and be open to question anything that isn’t. 

I know this can sound vague and very “woo-woo”, but I have seen and experienced many practical applications of it, and have observed massive changes in my life as a result. 

I won’t be asking you to just accept anything I share. I will be encouraging you to maintain an open mind, test things out, see if they could be true – and decide whether or not to absorb it into your life.  

How do you intend to balance the needs of the group across different responsibilities and challenges?

Underpinning this programme is an understanding of your state of mind and the impact it can have on your life. This applicable for everyone, no matter what background, responsibility or challenge (see question above).

The content I share and the discussions we have will continually be exploring this understanding, and in that way it makes it relevant to everyone. 

You’ll be surprised how many people are facing similar challenges, even though their environment may be different. Even if the challenges are different, you can often get new insight about your own challenges by listening to someone else explore a challenge that you couldn’t imagine showing up in your life – and this will be part of the learning. 

Learning about others challenges will also help you relate to challenges faced by colleagues and others in your life that you hadn’t previously appreciated that you could help with. 

I'm interested, but I'd like to speak to you about it first, how do I do this?

I know there are likely to be plenty of questions that I haven’t answered here. 

I’m always happy to have a chat and talk you through any of your questions or concerns. Book a call with me and I’ll help you figure out if this is right for you.

I promise there will be no hard sell – just an exploration of how this might fit with whatever is going on for you right now! 

"The programme has helped me connect with like-minded people. I didn't expect to make new friends too."
Toni Guthrie
English Tutor and Digital Enthusiast, Doncaster College and University Centre
"What a great experience! To be able to explore your insecurities and grow in a safe space with a community of like-minded individuals is a rare find. Embrace this opportunity!!"
Julie Osborne
Head of Customer Security Services, Vodaphone Business

Does this sound like it fits what you need?

I’d love to have you on the programme!