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Planning for Business Success

When was the last time you looked at your business plan? Is it something which you use on a day to day basis, or, as with many companies, is it sitting dusty on a shelf somewhere – a plan which was written for someone else to tick some boxes (for the bank for investors) and then filed away and forgotten about?

How powerful would it be if that plan realistically captured your ideas for the business including how you wanted it to develop and evolve? Imagine if this plan was easy to monitor and update so that you could track progress against goals. Even keeping a business delivering at the same level week on week requires planning – making sure that customers continue to buy from you, keeping products relevant and that you continue to stand out against competitors.

Capturing ideas and putting a realistic and structured plan around them can be a real challenge, especially when there are multiple stakeholders who all need to agree. Often the process of keeping the plan up to date with relevant information can be an overhead in time, which you just can’t afford.

I work with clients either one-to-one or in teams to turn their vision and ideas for the business into a concrete and realistic plan, captured in a format which fits what they need to keep it up to date and relevant.  I also structure workshops and group sessions to communicate these plans to others in a way that gets their buy-in.


“I found having honest and independent feedback on the way we were conducting our planning tasks was particularly useful” 

Matt Pilmoor, Flightworks

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