Are you Ready to Hack your Career?

Looking for more recognition at work? 

Want to get greater clarity on where your career is going?

Are you feeling undervalued and frustrated by the lack of recognition at work? 

Does it feel like your career has ground to a halt?

You work long hours, show a high level of commitment, sacrificing family and social time, and yet you still seem to be getting nowhere.

Your boss just keeps on giving you more things, but despite continually delivering you never get a thank you, let alone any indication of a pay rise or promotion.

Keep on going like this and you’ll be burned out, with nothing to show for it.

That’s not the best way to build your career, especially not one which fits with an enjoyable life!

It’s time to take a step back and take a look at what you really want from your career, what it gives you, and how you want it to fit with your life.

Many of my clients come to me feeling frustrated, undervalued and overwhelmed. They know they need to make a decision about their career, but are unsure how best to move forwards. 

In just one one-hour call with me, they reach a place of clarity over the next steps to take and have a greater understanding of what to do to tap into the self-belief and resilience they need to take them forward.

Book your Career Hack for just £99 and get a one-hour, one-to-one online coaching session to help you identify what you want from your career and how you want it to fit with your life. Together we will “hack” these together into a plan with immediate steps you need to take to get the recognition you want.

Why struggle any longer? 

Emma has a way of asking insightful questions that challenge me to be realistic about my plans and yet her questions also help me decide what steps are necessary to achieve them. Emma's coaching has enabled me to almost effortlessly overcome what appeared to be huge challenges. She has helped to make a complicated and demanding time in my life enjoyable and I really appreciate her support.
Tomasin Magwood
Thanks to Emma's coaching I realised that some of the goals I initially had weren't as important as others, which gave me the clarity to change my focus. Her coaching provided me with focus where I did not think I needed it, and to concentrate less on some issues I was focusing on too much.
Kazlina Burroughs