How Can Games Be Used To Change The World?

What do you immediately think of when I mention computer games?

Do they suggest shoot-em-ups or racing games, games that appeal and are marketed to teenage boys? Or maybe you’ve come across some of the amazing games that are emerging, often from indie studios? The games industry now produces a rich and diverse set of games, but people don’t yet know about them.

I was invited to speak for an event on Ada Lovelace day at Anaplan this year, and I realised that this was an opportunity for me to share the impact that games have had on me, and are already impacting the world.

I’ve played some amazing games with powerful messages, which had me fully immersed in their gameplay, and the more I look, the more I find that I want to play. I’ve shared an overview of some of these games in my talk, as well as how I think each of them are changing the world.

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