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Innovate New Offerings

How do you stay ahead of your competition? Does the culture of your business encourage innovation and new ideas? Do those ideas get put into practice or do they get stuck as concepts with no ownership and no one progressing them?

It’s common for people to become focused on just delivering on their job, especially when they are busy, making it difficult for them to justify taking the time out to talk to others and feed in their ideas. New ideas for products, process improvements, better ways of doing business and working with customers are all important for a business to thrive. These ideas often come from breaking down boundaries between areas of the business, getting people talking to each other, sharing challenges and working together to find ways to address them.

I work with clients to design and deliver facilitated workshops which create the space and time to allow people to think, talk and develop new ideas. The facilitation ensures that the time spent is focused on delivering value for the business, with a follow up plan in place so that people come away feeling that their time has been well spent. It also ensures that everyone has the opportunity to contribute, not just the people that shout the loudest.

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