Develop Yourself as an Individual

How often do you review your own skills and knowledge? Are you growing and learning or are you repeating some of the same mistakes? How much are your personal weaknesses holding you and the business back?

Self-reflection and personal development of both you and your staff are important for the growth of the business. Identification of skills gaps allows a plan to be put in place to address them before the business suffers. For technical skills and specific interpersonal skills this can often be addressed through training. However often training courses are only first step, how many courses have you been on when you’ve intended to do something differently, but been so overwhelmed by your workload when you’ve returned that you never quite got round to implementing what you learned? Or you tried to implement it, but hit a barrier and so gave up?

One-to-one coaching can be extremely useful to developing effective leadership and interpersonal skills, building on an individual’s learning or that from a training course. I typically work with clients over a series of sessions around one or multiple areas to identify the skills and knowledge they currently have and those they want to grow. I introduce new tools and approaches as well as honing and improving current ones, and help them to identify opportunities where they might try them out and get feedback on their performance so that they can improve even further.