Work With Me

I’m always interested in working with new people, helping them overcome their challenges and create a better, more fulfilling and balanced life.

It’s really important to me that our relationship is founded on an understanding of what you want and where you’re coming from. I offer an initial free consultation before we start working together so that I can find out more about you, your challenges and how coaching might help. I draw on a wide range of different tools and experience and work with you to put together a programme which suits you best.

Whether you’re interested in one-to-one support, or would like me to run a workshop or training session, get in touch to book an initial chat and we can take it from there.

Emma’s coaching sessions were an important step in getting the management to agree on the core values of the business and also on the importance of presenting them and living by them. The session also brought home the need to do further work in the management training of the team.

Ian Broster, Rapita Systems

The most useful part of the coaching was the exploration of a simple idea and expanding the idea to find the true motivation of the goal and then exploring all the aspects of the goal to determine what I wanted to achieve. As a result of Emma’s coaching I feel generally more confident around other people, … Continue reading  Louise Usher

 Louise Usher
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Personal Coaching

Do you have a challenge that keeps on continuing to resurface? Something where you’d like to dig a bit deeper and understand what’s really going on? Do you feel stuck, not sure what your options are or where to go next? Or maybe you know what you want and need some help taking it to … Continue reading Personal Coaching

Breakthrough Day

Are you keen to develop and grow, and want to get in deep? Would you be willing to take a full day out to really get stuck into some of the bigger challenges in your life? A breakthrough day is a really exciting and special day, designed to help you take that time out, get … Continue reading Breakthrough Day

Innovation Workshops

Do you have a group of people you’d like to get working better together? Could they benefit from developing a shared vision? Do you have a company issue that you’d like to get input on and encourage people to buy into? One of my favourite experiences is to bring together a group of people, get … Continue reading Innovation Workshops