I help Women in Tech be more visible

by developing their resilience and self-belief

to become authentic leaders and role models.

Ready to start the journey towards getting the recognition you deserve?

What's Your Why Online Programme

Stop burning yourself out trying to satisfy everyone else’s needs, and get recognised for doing the things that matter to you.

This one-month self-directed, online programme is designed to help you to get clear on the difference you want to make in the world and connect with the inspiration you need to get out there, be visible and get known for the things that are really important to you.

It will guide you through the process of identifying your why, and help you understand how to use what emerges to: 

  • increase your impact 
  • improve your visibility 
  • build your influence as a leader 
  • show up more authentically 
  • bring more meaning to your career

Accessed via an online training portal, you can get started straight away for just £149. 

Authentic Tech Leaders Mentorship Programme

The next cohort kicks off on 25th September 2023

Connect with the resilience you need to speak up and be authentically visible, so you can make your difference in the world of tech. 

Designed to help you to speak out, be more visible and build your influence in an authentic way, in this programme you will:

  • identify your mission and whats really important to you
  • create space in your life to be able to focus on whats important
  • develop the confidence to get out there and share your vision with others
  • connect with the resilience you need to deal with whatever life throws at you
  • become an authentic leader who is comfortable speaking out about what they believe in

For £1495 you get 12 months of access to pre-recorded training and live monthly workshops, supported with one-to-one and group coaching alongside a small, private slack community of other women in tech. 


Hi, I’m Emma,

I’ve worked in tech for the last 20 years. As a developer, as a manager, as a leader and as a coach.

If you’re anything like me you got into tech because you wanted to make a difference to the world. You love solving problems, finding solutions and seeing these turn into products that make a difference to people’s lives.

But this is a male-dominated world, and that can mean we don’t get the recognition we deserve.

As a woman working in tech, it can be challenging to carve out a career path and get to a position of influence when the leaders who create the “rules” for promotion and recognition are mostly men. Rewards are given for being achievement-focused, competitive, logical and rational, and for showing high commitment by working long hours.

Female traits, such as collaboration, connection, empathy and intuition tend not to be valued. So in order to get recognition, we need to learn to be more “male”.

But do we really?  Is there another way?

The traits of true, authentic leaders are underpinned by:

  • belief in ourselves and what we stand for
  • connection with a mission greater than ourselves
  • resilience to the inevitable knock-backs and rejections
  • balance and space to step back and see insightfully what the next step should be.

None of these are typically male or female traits, and all of these are naturally inside all of us. 

When we lead from a place of authenticity, people are drawn to connect with us. We become less concerned with proving ourselves and more open to opportunity. With less on our mind, we have more clarity, we naturally achieve more with less effort, and recognition naturally follows.

I offer one-to-one online coaching and online group training programmes to help you to develop as an authentic leader, giving you clarity on your mission, confidence that you are on the right path, and connecting you with your innate resilience, providing you with the ability to get the recognition you desire not just in this role, but for the rest of your career. 


"As a direct result of working with Emma, I have made several bold and brave decisions with utter confidence that have transformed the course of my life. I always find when I work with her I face inner issues that just would not have been uncovered by any other. If you are thinking of working with a coach, the difference that Emma brings is so noticeable. She has invested in her own personal development and career development massively and it shows."
Elaine Grace
"The work with Emma brought a much-needed focus and clarity back into my thinking and helped me find the courage to create the life and work that makes me happy."
Isabel Jagoe
"I invariably came away from Emma’s coaching sessions not only feeling better about areas of my life I felt blocked and frustrated with but with concrete strategies to overcome them. These have since been successfully applied to my life with pleasing results. Throughout the coaching process I felt completely accepted and have discovered all sorts of resources within myself I never really consciously acknowledged as being there."
Monireh Jassat