I want to help you to live a more enjoyable and productive life. I want to demonstrate that you can do this and feel fulfilled and balanced too. In a world which seems to be constantly accelerating, overloaded with information and with never-ending lists of tasks, we are expected to be “on” and connected day and night, having to fight to create space for family, friends and ourselves. 

I’m here to tell you that there really is another way. 

I will help you to slow down and reconnect with life, to step back, giving you space to recognise and focus on what is really important. I listen deeply and help you develop a deeper understanding of how your mind works and what you really need. I help you take a look at where your time goes, and where it’s best invested, so you can make space in your life. Creating this space gives the opportunity for new creativity and innovation to flow, meaning you deliver more value in less time. The great thing about this is that you are most productive when you are living a balanced life. Investing in you is most important. So you can be productive AND feel balanced and fulfilled! 

I offer a combination of workshops, retreats and individual coaching which build on my 20+ years of experience working across industry, academia and personal development. I know that to get the most from any developmental activity it has to align to your needs, so all of my offerings are individually tailored and can be adapted as new information emerges.

I provide these services to individuals and to companies looking to develop a more supportive and balanced culture for their employees. 

I know you’ve probably got a million and one things to do – so of course, you’re not in a position to take the time out right now. The question is though – when will you have time?

Take one small step and book a commitment-free skype or phone chat, and let me help you find a better way to do all those things you need to do.