[The workshop] helped to create a club spirit, to focus the various members views as to what they ‘the Club’ wanted to achieve and induce an understanding that everyone needed to be pulling in the same direction in order to achieve any of the aims either on or off the pitch. I was impressed by … Continue reading Jamie Burton, Coach and Manager, Winchester City Women FC

Jamie Burton, Coach and Manager, Winchester City Women FC

By forcing me to focus my thoughts and evaluate the problems the business faces rationally with objective feedback, Emma’s coaching allowed me to get a better understanding of situations and apply more reason to my decision making process. My improved time keeping and decision making have had a quantifiable improvement in both my own time management … Continue reading Anthony Main, The Distance

Anthony Main, The Distance

I was nervous at the start of the session with what would come out and how it would help. However, once into the session these nerves were removed. The depth and patience of the exploration of issues gave me some real insight into factors which I wasn’t (consciously) aware of. The session definitely helped to … Continue reading Andy Holliday

Andy Holliday

The breakthrough day with Emma brought a much-needed focus and clarity back into my thinking and helped me find the courage to creating the life and work that makes me happy.

Isabel Jagoe

Emma gave me cause to think deeply about areas in which I hadn’t previously paid as much attention as I might. Throughout the weeks she listened intently and provided positive support and knowledgeable feedback with planning activities. In parallel she also guided my financial planning and made me think about key performance indicators and the … Continue reading Matt Pilmoor, Flightworks

Matt Pilmoor, Flightworks

Emma has a way of asking insightful questions that challenge me to be realistic about my plans and yet her questions also help me to decide what steps are necessary to achieve my plans. Emma’s coaching has enabled me to almost effortlessly overcome what appeared to be huge challenges. She has helped to make a complicated and … Continue reading Tomasin Magwood

Tomasin Magwood

Emma has been a fantastic facilitator in helping me to not only understand more about myself but also helping me to realise that I want to be happier. So I am not at the end of my journey, just resting, I actually have fun, I am better with myself for starting new things and with my … Continue reading Anonymous


I invariably came away from Emma’s coaching sessions not onley feeling better about areas of my life I felt blocked and frustrated with but with concrete strategies to overcome them.  These have since been successfully applied to my life with pleasing results. Throughout the coaching process I felt completely accepted and have discovered all sorts of … Continue reading Monireh Jassat

Monireh Jassat

The most useful part of the coaching was the exploration of a simple idea and expanding the idea to find the true motivation of the goal and then exploring all the aspects of the goal to determine what I wanted to achieve. As a result of Emma’s coaching I feel generally more confident around other people, … Continue reading  Louise Usher

 Louise Usher

I found the structured, non-directive approach of the sessions surprisingly helpful as it encouraged me to analyse my actions in more detail without being pressed for categorising conclusion. Having a coaching session with Emma helped me to address work related issues during a dedicated session instead of ruminating unsolved work problems after hours. The sessions pointed … Continue reading Justyna Pyra

Justyna Pyra

Thanks Emma’s coaching I realised that some of the goals I initially had were not as important as others which gave me the clarity to change my focus. Her coaching provided me with focus where I did not think I needed it and to concentrate less on some issues I was focusing on too much.

Kazlina Burroughs

I learned lots about myself, the way the company works and the way others work within the company. I also learnt more about how to adapt and influence all three of those things.

Nick Brunwin

Emma helped me to successfully complete my project and, in the process, raise my visibility within the company. Emma’s coaching also helped me to consider my longer term goals and aspirations.

Maria North

Emma’s coaching sessions were an important step in getting the management to agree on the core values of the business and also on the importance of presenting them and living by them. The session also brought home the need to do further work in the management training of the team.

Ian Broster, Rapita Systems