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Finding Your Authentic Spark

Finding Your Authentic Spark

When I was starting up my coaching business my initial focus was on helping people with stress and overwhelm. I could see the impact all that intense thinking was having on the way they showed up – suffocating their natural spark, and taking them out of the game.  But the more I spoke to people the more …

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The Power Of Being Fully Charged

There’s a magic that seems to happen when I’m looking after myself. Not necessarily in the traditional self care sense of yoga, mediation and eating well, but when I’m listening to myself and following what I’m drawn to. When I’m putting myself first, everything in life seems a bit clearer, and I find the flow more …

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Do You Look After Yourself?

One of the most impactful things I’ve learned over the last few years is to get better at looking after myself.  I used to think that I had to satisfy everyone else’s needs before my own. I would burn myself out trying to keep everyone else happy and be worried about dropping something or missing something …

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Fitting All The Pieces Together

Over the last few weeks I’ve been asking you questions to help you uncover some of the underpinning ideas behind your mission: the difference you want to make in the world and to the lives of others your strengths and the things you love to do that you can build on to make this difference your values – the things that …

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Do You Know What’s Important To You?

This blog is one in a series I’m sharing this month, themed around mission-inspired visibility, with different approaches to help you to connect with your mission as a way to inspire you to get out there and be more visible. There are two core elements to tune into when you’re developing your mission:  your strengths (which we discussed last week) your values (the …

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What’s your Offering To The World?

Do you recognise your strengths?  I don’t just mean the skills and capabilities you’ve learned through school and university, but also your innate capabilities that help you navigate the world.  Often these are the things we find easy – and because they come easily to us, we undervalue them. We assume that everyone else thinks/ does/ acts like …

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