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5 Steps To Connect With Your Mission

When you connect with your mission it’s powerful. Knowing what’s important to you and how you want to show up in the world makes it easier to speak out, stay true to your bigger purpose and overcome the obstacles and knock-backs that come up. It helps you to stay focused on the things that really matter, …

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Real Stories From Women In Tech

The experience of being a woman working in tech is sometimes challenging.  Tech is a world created and dominated by men, so there is less openness to the struggles women face and less flexibility in the system. Being in the minority, it can be hard to find others like us to share our stories with, …

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10 Tips To Grow A High-Quality Network

Your network can help you grow your career, secure funding or sell your product. Even dating and finding yourself a life partner uses networking skills.

Connecting at a superficial level is easier than ever – through online tools and social media, but how can you turn these connections into high-quality relationships which help you achieve your goals?

Here are my top 10 tips on how to grow your network.

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What’s the value of coaching?

Having a coach is becoming more and more popular as a method to support our personal development, at work, in our career and in our personal life too. But many people still aren’t sure what coaching is or know about the value it can bring. So if you’ve heard of coaching and want to know …

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We Are All Creative!

When I was younger I wasn’t great at drawing. I was ok, but I found it difficult to draw things that looked realistic from my imagination – and I thought that made me no good at art. So I stopped doing art at school and because I was good at maths and science and focused …

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The Art of Effective Listening

What does it feel like to be truly listened to? When someone is really interested in what you want to say? We like it when people listen to us, but how often do we expect people to do this for us without us taking the time to listen to them? Listening is an essential communication …

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How to get out of a low mood

Do you find that some days you wake up and everything feels wrong? Or that someone says something to you and you completely overreact, putting you in a low mood for the rest of the day? Those things that you were feeling excited and happy about yesterday suddenly seem risky or scary, you find holes …

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