Do You Know What’s Important To You?

This blog is one in a series I’m sharing this month, themed around mission-inspired visibility, with different approaches to help you to connect with your mission as a way to inspire you to get out there and be more visible.

There are two core elements to tune into when you’re developing your mission: 

  • your strengths (which we discussed last week)
  • your values (the things which are important to you) 

With these two elements as your foundation your mission, and the difference you can make in the world start to become clearer. 

But the question of what’s important to you can sometimes feel challenging – how do you know? How do you put it into words? 

I find the words on this image a fantastic starting point. These are common values that people hold around their life and specific elements of their life. 

Have a go at identifying your values.

  1. Take a look at the image below and write down the words which resonate most with you when you think about what’s most important to you in your career.
  1. Once you’ve picked your words, narrow them down to your top 6.

If you find it hard to prioritise:

    • look for those that group together and pick one which also captures the others in the group.
    • describe what each value means to you, and notice which descriptions are most important.
    • put it to one side for the day, come back to it tomorrow and see what’s changed.

You don’t need to get this perfect or figure out your values exactly to benefit from it. Just getting curious about the things that really matter to you can bring more clarity, and help you to get new insights about what you might want to include in your mission.

How do you use this information in your mission?

Your values give you the why of your mission, and your strengths give you the how. 

When you look at these two elements together you can start to ask “what can I do that builds on my strengths and honours those things that are important to me?”.

The answers that emerge are the ideas for what your mission could be… and that’s what we’ll be exploring next week…

If you’d like some extra support figuring your values out, come over and join the discussion in my Authentic Visibility For Women In Tech Facebook community, and get support with figuring out what yours are. 

If you’d like some one-to-one support to get a deeper understanding of your values, a Visibility Profiling session can be a great start, or contact me and we can set up a one-to-one specifically focused on this topic. 

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