Real Stories From Women In Tech

The experience of being a woman working in tech is sometimes challenging.  Tech is a world created and dominated by men, so there is less openness to the struggles women face and less flexibility in the system. Being in the minority, it can be hard to find others like us to share our stories with, …

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10 Tips To Grow A High-Quality Network

Your network can help you grow your career, secure funding or sell your product. Even dating and finding yourself a life partner uses networking skills.

Connecting at a superficial level is easier than ever – through online tools and social media, but how can you turn these connections into high-quality relationships which help you achieve your goals?

Here are my top 10 tips on how to grow your network.

Woman sat at desk, working at home

What can I expect from my remote working team?

How do we get the most from our team as they transition into remote working during these unsettled times? Consider what our team members are going through themselves right now and what we might expect from them. This guides us towards better ideas of how to support them so that the things they are motivated to do are connected with what you really need them to do.

Democracy Not Found

I hate politics.

It’s all about ego. About someone believing that they are right, that they know best and then getting others to agree with them. It comes from a place of fear and insecurity. Needing to prove themselves. Needing everyone else to agree. Because that reinforces the ego. But the ego is always living in fear of …

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