Getting the Most from Your Team

How effective are the teams you work in? Do they work together, appreciating the strengths of all parties or do you find yourself in discussions and disagreements which really hold the business back?

For teams to work most effectively together they need to have a common goal which they are all committed to, whether this is the success of the business overall or a project or activity within the business. In addition they need an understanding of each others’ motivations and interest in achieving the goal. Without this understanding conflict often arises, either openly or hidden, which interferes with the performance of the team and results in increased time and cost to achieve the goal as well as unhappy people.

I work with teams to help them to understand and agree their common goal, share what’s important to them in a safe environment, breaking down barriers and getting them in a place where they are able to perform most effectively. I can work one-to-one with individual team members as well as facilitating teambuilding sessions, where possible building the outcomes from profiling tools such as Myers Briggs, DISC, Strengths Deployment Inventory (SDI) and Belbins.

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