One-to-One Coaching Sessions

Go deeper and work with me through a personalised programme, which flexes and adapts to your needs. 

One-to-one coaching sessions are a great way to get deeper more personalised support around topics such as your career, leadership skills, resilience, interactions with others, and connect with who you are and what you want in relation to these. 

You can book a one-off one-hour coaching session at any time, but committing to a group of sessions allows us to discuss ideas and approaches, apply them between sessions, and then come back reflect on your learnings and insights and build on them further. 

For those new to the understanding I share (commonly called the 3 Principles or the Inside-Out Understanding), I recommend a package of 7 sessions, spread over 4 months. However this timing is not fixed and I am always open to creating a schedule that suits you. 

All sessions take place on zoom, and last an hour. If you sign up to a package of sessions I will share resources (books, podcasts, videos) to support your exploration, and am available on email and your preferred messaging service (facebook messenger/ whatsapp/ signal) for support. 

Package of 7 Sessions for £895

Purchase your package of sessions here and you will receive your link to book your first session via email.

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One-off Session for £150

If you’d prefer to stick to a one-off session, without the additional support from me, you can book and pay for your session here at any time. 

And if you’re not quite sure which is the best approach, would like to explore a payment plan, or would like to talk in more detail about how it all works, feel free to book a 30 minute call with me here.