Reboot your Career

Launches Sunday 28th June. 

A one-hour, one-to-one coaching session for just £99, designed to help you to reduce stress and overwhelm and be more successful in your career.

Register your interest pre-launch and get a free 30 minute follow up coaching session when you book. 

Are You Feeling Overworked And Overwhelmed?

Designed to give you space to step back from the overwhelm of day to day life and be more successful in your career,  this one-hour call will help you: 

  • reconnect with your purpose and whats really important to you in your career 
  • identify how you want your career to fit with your life
  • know how to de-commit from and say no to those things which no longer serve you
  • be inspired to take action to put into place the changes you need. 

Zero risk and commitment. Just one hour of your time and £99 investment. 

Register your interest before the launch on 28th June and get a 30-minute follow up session free.

Special Pre-Launch Offer

Register your interest in a Reboot Your Career session now and you’ll get a 90 minutes of coaching instead of 60. 

You’ll get a one-hour coaching session, focused on helping you step back and get the big picture about what’s important to you in your career, plus a 30-minute follow up session within a month of the first, giving you the opportunity to review the impact and reflect on your progress. 

All for just £99. 

No financial commitment needed right now – just your name and contact details and I’ll be in touch after the launch! 

Emma radiated a really strong authenticity and compassion which made it much easier for me to be totally open and honest, giving me the ability to talk about myself as I really am, rather than as I maybe "should" be or what I think society might expect from me.
Lucy Zimmerman
Emma's sessions help me focus. I've found that she is able to analyse my problems quickly, get to the core of what's important and then step back to see the bigger picture. This helps me see and reflect on what might actually be going on.
Her gift of empathy has taught me to see others points-of-view and situation so that I can build that into the actions I take.
Isabella T