Reboot your Career

A stand-alone, one-hour coaching session designed to help you, step back, reconnect with what’s important to you and take concrete steps towards creating the life you really want, all for just £99.

Discover the magic that can happen when you switch yourself off and back on again!

Are you female and working in tech?

The Reboot Your Career session is for you if: 

  • you’re feeling overworked, overwhelmed or stressed out
  • you’re working hard but not getting the recognition you deserve 
  • you feel like you’ve lost your direction
  • you’re wondering where your career is going

This one-hour coaching session will help you get more clarity on what success means for you, both in your life and career and help you achieve more with less stress and greater ease.

Hi, I’m Emma, 

I’ve worked in tech for the last 20 years, and in that time I’ve managed and coached a wide range of women at all levels of their career. Women, who on the outside appear to be successful, but on the inside are struggling to hold things together.

I’ve seen how draining it can be to be constantly adapting who we are in order to fit in and the overload that can come from the ongoing pressure to prove ourselves. 

When you’re in an environment where you’re in the minority, it’s easy get caught up trying to be someone you’re not and loose connection with who you are. It’s no wonder many of us burn out.

So what’s the alternative?

First we need to stop living by other people’s definitions of success and live by our own.

Once we know what success means to us, it’s much easier to ignore others’ judgements and show up as ourselves. We can stop trying to fit in, and start to carve our own path in life.

This is what my Reboot Your Career session is all about.

It’s about stopping for a moment, switching off from the continuous pressure, and resetting yourself. It’s about connecting deeply with what’s important to you – and then taking that out into the world and making a real difference.

When you do this, you’ll find the other stuff matters less. You’ll find it easier to say no, and you’ll see more opportunities that nudge you in the right direction.

You’ll be successful – on your own terms. 

This session is a great opportunity to spend an hour with me, one-to-one, for just £99, either as a stand-alone session, or to discover what it might be like to work with me on an ongoing basis. 

After this one hour session, you will

  • have a better understanding of what success means to you 
  • have reconnected with what’s important to you in your career and how you want it to fit with your life
  • know how to de-commit from and say no to those things which are no longer serving you
  • take inspired action and see new opportunities emerge.

All for an investment of just £99 and just one hour of your time.  

Emma radiated a really strong authenticity and compassion which made it much easier for me to be totally open and honest, giving me the ability to talk about myself as I really am, rather than as I maybe "should" be or what I think society might expect from me.
Lucy Zimmerman
Emma's sessions help me focus. I've found that she is able to analyse my problems quickly, get to the core of what's important and then step back to see the bigger picture. This helps me see and reflect on what might actually be going on.
Isabella T
Emma’s coaching has enabled me to almost effortlessly overcome what appeared to be huge challenges. I have a tendency to fit too much into too little time, but with Emma’s help I have broken down the challenges into achievable tasks and gone right ahead and completed them.
Tomasin Magwood

We all feel overworked, stressed-out and overwhelmed from time to time.

But if it feels like you are constantly fighting to be successful, trying to push through barriers and overcome obstacles, then maybe it’s time to take a new perspective.

Keep pushing like this for too long and your system will crash. You’ll be burned out and have nothing to show for your efforts. 

What if it was easier to be successful than you think?

What if you could do it without the stress?

What if you could achieve more with less effort and enjoy it too? 

You can. The first step is to know what it is you want – what success really means to you. 

Many of my clients are high achievers who push themselves hard, continually setting themselves new goals, believing that they will feel successful when they get there, only to keep on moving onto the next big challenge.

By helping them step back and take a look at their definition of success, they get greater clarity in why they are trying to achieve these goals, understand what’s really important to them and with a greater sense of what they want in their lives. 

This helps them reconnect with the natural flow of life – and as a result, they end up feeling successful more of the time, giving them energy and inspiration to achieve more than they imagined they could.

Book a Reboot Your Career Session now and you can have this too. It’s just £99 for an hour of one-to-one, online coaching.

Let me help you reboot your system and reconnect with whats important to you in your career. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get for my £99?

The Reboot Your Career session is a one-hour, one-to-one coaching session, designed to help you step back from the busyness and overwhelm of day to day life and reconnect with whats important to you. 

The session will take place online via video-link (usually google meetup or zoom), and will be recorded. I will send the recording to you after the session so you have a record of what we discussed and the insights that emerged for you so you can refer back to it at any time. This allows us both to fully engage in the session without needing to take notes. 

As the approach I take introduces new ideas that sometimes take a while to process, some of the insights and benefits may happen place in the days or weeks after the session. 

What is coaching and what can I expect?

Coaching is a non-directive supportive conversation. I will ask you questions to explore what’s going on for you, and what’s going on in your world.

In Reboot Your Career session I will focus on understanding what is important to you and how that plays out in your career and in your life at present. I will help you to identify areas where you might be holding yourself back – for example, you may hold particular definitions of what it means to have a career or what an employer is expecting from you. I will introduce you to new ideas around how we create the world we live in and the impact that has on our experience of life. I’ll then help you to make sense of this information for your life and help you identify what action you intend to take as a result. 

While I have a structure that gives me guidance on what to cover in the session, I always adapt my sessions to what comes up for you. I’m here to get into your world and support you while we explore together. 

I provide a safe, independent, supportive and non-judgemental environment to explore and question these things, helping you to find what fits for you. 

If you’d like to know more about coaching and the value it can bring check out my recent blog post here

I've done something like this before and I'm still feeling stressed - is there any point doing it again?

Most likely – yes – especially if you’re still feeling stressed or overwhelmed regularly. 

While you might have done something like this before, it’s unlikely I’ll be using the same approach. 

Very often coaches approach the idea of success with identifying and getting clear on a future goal you want to achieve and how you know you’ve achieved it. 

This isn’t what I’m offering in this session. 

The focus of this session is on you to getting a better understanding of what success means for you now and in each moment, rather than something to aim for in the future. When you get clarity on your guiding principles behind success, then it’s much easier to feel successful. 

What's the process for booking?

We’re all busy, so I’ve tried to make the booking process as streamlined as possible!

If you’re like me and hate clicking “book now” buttons on websites for fear of where they might take you, let me tell you what happens. 

Click any of the buttons on this page and they’ll take you to a calendar which shows my availability. Select the time that works best for you, and then you’ll be taken to a page to gather your name, email and payment details (managed via stripe). You’ll then be emailed an invitation with all the details you need for the meeting and confirmation of the payment. 

The whole process is managed through Acuity, set up to be as easy as possible and to reduce the amount of time we spend going backwards and forwards over email. 

However If you have reservations about using this system, please contact me directly. 

I'm interested, but I'd like to speak to you about it first, how do I do this?

If you’d like a quick chat about what the session involves, and whether it’s for you, then please contact me via my web-form, or DM me on social media (links below). 

If you’re ready to break away from of stress and overwhelm…

…ready to stop pretending to be someone you’re not in order to fit in…

…ready to be successful on your terms…

…ready to enjoy life more…

…then book your session now for just £99. 

You’ll wish you’d done it sooner!