Work with Me

I’m always interested in working with new people, helping them overcome their challenges to create a better, more fulfilling and balanced life.

I offer two packages as specific ways to work with me, as well as providing bespoke one-to-one coaching sessions and training packages.  If you are ready to take the leap but unsure what would work best for you, then please book an initial conversation, I’d love to speak to you! 

Ready to start the journey towards Authentic Leadership?

Reboot your Career

Created to help you to step back from the overwhelm of day to day life and be more successful in your career,  this one-hour call will: 

  • reconnect with your purpose and whats really important to you in your career 
  • identify how you want your career to fit with your life
  • know how to de-commit from and say no to those things which no longer serve you
  • be inspired to take action to put into place the changes you need. 
Zero risk and commitment. Just one hour of your time and £99 investment. 

Authentic Tech Leaders Mentorship Programme

Next round kicks off early 2022

Designed to help you to dig deeper, in this 12-month programme you will:

  • identify your mission and whats really important to you
  • create space in your life to be able to focus on whats important
  • develop the confidence to get out there and share your vision with others
  • connect with the resilience you need to deal with whatever life throws at you
  • become an authentic leader who is comfortable speaking out about what they believe in

The programme takes place in a small, private slack community and consists of pre-recorded training and live monthly workshops, supported with  one-to-one and group coaching. 

The Authentic Visibility for Women In Tech Facebook Community

If what I offer sounds interesting, but you’d like to check out my style more first, check out my Facebook community for:

  • daily inspiration based around a monthly theme relating to authenticity and visibility
  • stories to inspire and interviews with other guests from the tech world
  • exploration of challenging topics in the “why don’t we talk about it” series
  • quarterly challenges to inspire you to be more visible 
  • a supportive and growing community of other women in tech leaders to add to your network.  

It’s free to join and open to anyone working in tech wanting to increase their authentic visibility and supportive of increasing the visibility of women. 

My approach to coaching is based on the philosophies of Sydney Banks, most commonly known as the 3 principles. This means that many of the development and changes come through new insight on how life works, rather than through action. This “subtractive” approach means we spend less time being unproductive and more time to do what is really important.

Interested and want to find out more?

Click this link and book a time for a chat in my online calendar.