Coaching is a client-led, future focused process which delivers business change. You know best about what is going on in your business and so the topics and direction of the sessions are driven by your needs and are focused on what you want to achieve in the future.

I offer one-to-one sessions which can take place over a set period of time or, for those wanting to make fast progress, I offer a breakthrough day – a full day devoted to helping you breakthrough those deeper barriers that are holding you back.

Find out more about coaching in my blog post: What is Coaching?

Group Facilitation and Workshops

Having worked for many years with a wide range of business, technical and academic people to develop products and services across multiple diverse markets, I have a strong appreciation of how to design and facilitate workshops in order to build relationships, encourage the sharing of ideas which leads to closer team working and the development of innovative concepts.

Training and Development

I offer specialist training courses covering areas coaching including time management, leadership, goal setting, communications skills and mentoring.My courses bring together a number of useful tools from coaching and Neuro- Linguistic Programming to help with learning on these days.

My Clients

I typically find myself working with:

  • leaders and directors of high tech businesses in areas such as business planningstrategy and business performance measures to help them to grow their business and build on their current successes.
  • technical individuals with high potential within organisations to help them to grow their interpersonal and business skills on topics including time managementleadership, influencing and career development.
  • project teams– creating and agreeing the goals and objectives of a project from the start as well as helping team members to overcome conflict to improve their overall performance
  • groups of individuals from different disciplines and or areas of a company to generate ideas for business improvements or new products or services.

I love working with diverse groups of people and seeing the benefits that come when they start to work together, so please Contact me to schedule a chat about how I can help you.

Breakthrough Day

Are you caught up in the hustle and bustle of life, not quite sure where it’s all going? Do you feel like you need some time out? And when you do finally try to take that time out do you find that you’re really not sure where to start? That the questions are too big … Continue reading Breakthrough Day

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