Compass being used to navigate

How can state of mind help us navigate the world?

Have you noticed that some days you’re on it, you’re full of ideas, you spark off other people and things just fall into place?

Other days everything feels like a struggle and a fight. Anything that can go wrong does.

What’s the difference?

The biggest factor is usually our state of mind.

Yes, there are good days and bad days, but it is too easy to decide that today is a bad day and the worlds against you – because it will be. We experience the world through our thoughts – and so our thoughts create our world.

Positive psychology suggests that we should therefore change our thought – but that isn’t really that easy to do, and trying to change your thoughts can create an underlying stress and pressure.

What can make a huge difference is being aware of our thoughts and how they translate into our experience. Developing this understanding can lead to less stress, less pressure – and most importantly the ability to react in the most appropriate way for us when things do start to feel like they go wrong.

In this video I share an understanding, first expressed by the philosopher Sydney Banks, which has changed my understanding of life and given me increased resilience, greater flow, insight and creativity beyond my expectations.

As women in tech, we are often under pressure to conform to the structure and approaches created by a male dominated environment. This understanding gives insight on how we can navigate this world on our own terms.

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