Do They Understand Your Message?

Most people are nervous about being more visible because they’re scared that people might disagree or judge them, but in reality, this is rarely what happens.  The most common response to you being more visible will be nothing – it’s so frustrating!!  You’ve spent ages gearing yourself up to speak up and share your ideas, only …

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Are you Visible Where It Matters?

One of the most common mistakes people make around visibility is that they think being that visible means being everywhere and that they need to be seen by everyone.  They think they have to be at every meeting, always speaking up, sharing their perspective and making sure that people listen to them. This is extremely tiring and not sustainable …

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Whose Opinion Should you Listen to?

When I ask clients the question “What stops you from being more visible?”, one of the most common responses is fear of judgement and the opinions of others. “Others” is just another reference to “people”.

Who exactly are these “people”? And should we care what they think?